The Devil made me do it!

Morality, integrity, values. . . all of these things that should have nothing to do with any one religion. InArthurcclarkestead, these things should be marks of being a good person. The fact that you subscribe to a religion should only make you a good credit to what ever faith you embrace.

We’ve all had those sort of debates on what a good witch should look like. . . the three-fold law, the Wiccan rede, no Wiccan rede, Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law. . . etc. Personally I like the: do what is necessary. philosophy Robert Cochrane spoke of. I never knew the man, I am hoping he walked that talk, because I sure try to live that when it comes to my craft. I see the philosophy carried through in other practitioners such as Robin Artisson and Peter Grey within their bodies of writing. for example:

Be kind to the kind. Be deceitful to the deceitful. Helpful to the helpful. Wary of the stranger. Dismissive of the hateful. Patient with the dim-witted. Understanding with the grief-stricken. Hospitable to the guest and loving to your increase always be.

Robin Artisson

What can be noticed here with this quote is that there is a liminal quality to statement of philosophy. There is honesty, compassion, caution and cunning trickster traits wound up together in what is revealed to be a complex personality. We all have complex personalities, to try to whittle down our personality to a single line quotation is to limit ourselves; a thing that should be considered limitless in possibilities is bound to one single reaction to a very diverse world. Hrm. . . seems like a crazy-making policy to me.

The other thing that should be noted is that this is the philosophy of one man within a diverse spiritual construct that we label as witchcraft. It is not a thing of witchcraft. This is one man’s policy on dealing with other people he encounters in his world. The fact that other witches, including myself are finding it a wise policy and try to follow this philosophy is not a reflection on the path of spirituality we follow, but that of the individuals who embrace it. You most certainly can be a witch and not embrace this particular thought form. There are other witches who embrace the light and love and karma’s gonna vindicate you philosophy. That is a reflection of them as individuals. Not witchcraft.

We hear many times a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim etc. . . go on and on about how good they are because they are what they identify with as a religion. They even espouse the only way to be a good human being is to be what they believe. Yet, they hold up hateful picket signs, blow up abortion clinics, throw gays off of buildings, stone women for being raped, marginalize minority peoples, and turn the other cheek when they have been brutally victimized. I consider none of those things to be reflections of either a good human or peaceful religion. Somehow, they have not considered that it’s their behavior that makes for a good human and not their faith. The other thing I find rather irksome and funny at the same time is that when some of these people, who proclaim to be good humans because of their faith, get caught red-handed performing evil. They blame ( guess who) THE DEVIL. The Devil made me do it!!!!! Once again, the horned god with cloven feet is cast as a scapegoat to those who can not hold themselves accountable for their actions or even apologize for their misdeed. It appears to be an entire culture built upon blame shifting when individuals do this.

Do not become spiritually  and philosophically lazy because you embrace a faith and a members of a faith should be considered good humans because of blah blah creed. Do not use your religion to justify an action or replace logic so you do not have to explain your position on an issue. This is not how that works. You should be considered a good human being because you choose to do the right thing for the right reason. You choose to do what is right instead of what is easy. Morals and values do not come from any religion. Morals and values are decisions made by individuals based upon what they individually perceive to be the right thing for the right reason. If that makes you a trickster in some cases. . . BRAVO! But be aware, there is a difference between being a trickster and performing evil.

Am I a witch? Yes. Am I also a good human being? Well, I try really hard to be a good human being. My morals and values as an individual are reflected in my craft. They are not a product derived from witchcraft itself.

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