When I was a younger witch, it used to annoy me when those outside the craft would ask off the wall questions about what witches do.

” Do you have any ‘special’ powers??? Do you sacrifice kittens and small children? Do you worship Satan? Do you really fly on a broom?”

Ok yes, those are inane questions based upon an idea of witchcraft that defies the laws of physics ( thank you. Hollywood), but it’s not really a reflection of me or my craft. It’s a reflection of those who are speaking and their fear based lives. It actually makes me giggle. Do strange things happen in a crafter’s life? Uhm yes. It’s just how that is when you keep company with the Unseen. And there is much in this world we call earth that is unseen. Most of the time we have some very clever fellow humans who have figured out some way or another to measure that unseen thing with technology high and low.

The problem with all of this is when these people with the inane ideas of witchcraft deliberately decide that there is enough to fear ( probably because they have done something to earn retribution) that a smear campaign ensues. It’s not generally something done to smear the religion itself, its a using of the craft as means to smear the person and to demonstrate how unstable and evil this person is to someone they perceive as a higher authority. I mean, how stable can you be if you speak to being who is unseen while lighting candles and incense in their honor? And certainly you must be evil if you decide that those you love should be defended against their attackers in a non-violent way. I mean really how dare you defend yourself and those you love!

birdsThe goal of this smear campaign is generally to silence you. To strike fear and make you back down. Those that do this generally have something they want to remain hidden and the only way they will get away with what they have done is for those they have committed crimes against to remain silent. Okay, silence is something we are good at; so be silent about the magic you have done to protect yourself and your kin, but do NOT remain silent about what the person has done. DO be wise and choose your ears well. Silence like that is harmful. It allows the profane to walk openly and continue to commit evil in the name of their desire while trying to look good. Your silence only emboldens the predator.

I think I have found an answer to that inane question: ” so, do you have any ‘special’ powers?” ( insert wiggly quotation mark fingers here) The answer is:

“Yes, I can spot an abusive, ignorant demagogue 100% of the time, with only a few words spoken.”

The real question is whether I’ll tell you I see you or not.