Ooops, you found a witch.

hqdefaultYou are forcibly removed from your home, isolated from the people you love, imprisoned, your property and possessions seized, accused of terrible and terrifying crimes ( some of them positively inane,) humiliated, tortured while demands for confession are righteously barked at you. After all of this, you are put on trial by biased judges with impossible double standards ie: if she floats she is guilty; if she sinks ( and dies) she is innocent. Either way, you die, but at least your soul is saved right??

This, this is a witch hunt. Everyone involved in the witch hunt literally has lost their ever-loving minds to a terror of mythological proportion. Okay, maybe not everyone has lost their minds, there are a few who take advantage of the fervor to rid themselves of problematic people with calculating precision. Yes, this does make them evil. However, what is more evil is the individual who cries victim to evade guilt of his or her own wrong doings. The person who cries Witch Hunt while none of the above has occurred to him or  her has deeper issues and is most likely covering many other deeds of dirt. This person should be dug into harder until the bare bones are excavated and examined with a microscope, further more, it should all be done in silence and in secret.

So, maybe the person crying Witch Hunt is not a nefarious soulless ghoul. What then? Perhaps this person lacks an understanding of the terror and the injustice of actions taken by people in power over the course of history and lack perspective of the phenomenon. After all, history books in school only cover a scant chapter and lip service to the hundreds of years of this reign of terror, torture and murder. Yes, there are many books on the subject, but most people don’t bother to pick up a book to read it much less one on such a grim event in time. Hence, these people are ignorant of the subject and have no real inkling of the weight of the term Witch Hunt. They should be regarded as fools and you should not keep company with fools. They present their own danger.

I realize that it is absurdly annoying to those of us who understand the real depth of the words Witch Hunt when they are flung around carelessly. It is a bone chilling and blood curdling feeling when you see one begin to unfold before you. And it is blood boiling when you hear it being used inappropriately, perhaps even nefariously. However, it is critical to pay close attention to these people, in silence of course. They are telling you everything that you need to know about them and they will inform you with their actions on how you need to handle the situation.

I am not sure we should be worried about the ” appropriation” of witch culture here. Good luck with that. There are so many things that are beneath the surface of our culture in-depth and diversity, most of which are kept secret ( rightly so) because many of us still understand that the people who run courts  and other agencies tied to court based power are still biased and terrified of a power they can neither harness nor control. I used to think that your partner could be trusted. I learned other wise and have appropriate warned my witchlings.

The inquisition looks different these days, but truly it still exists. It poses as a righteous body of inquiry looking out for the “best interest” of the children and the innocent. It wears vestments of courtly power and authority of the false variety. The inquisition is, generally speaking, ignorant of the subjects they speak for, rely on testimony from other ignorant agencies (  or worse, the ones with an agenda or those who are simply corruptible.) The inquisition today is just as terrifying as its predecessor. They speak of and point to evil while performing it themselves.

When you hear people throw around the terms inquisition and Witch Hunt, carefully examine them before you decide to open your mouth. If you decide to open your mouth, think once again before you do. Do not give yourself away if you do not have to: disengage and witch up. Remember: silence is a witchly virtue. And if you really need to keep the blood from boiling over, you can always smile sweetly and think: oooops, you found a witch.

So go ahead. Throw around carelessly terms like inquisition and witch hunt. Do tell me more about yourself.