Read for ugly. . .

readingI, on occasion, get a message from a connection on social media about cases of domestic violence in which they need a bit of help with. I check them out not necessarily because I don’t believe them, but more often than not, they are a relative or a friend whom is close to the survivor. I have seen a few cases where the entirety of the story has not been told or the case was exaggerated by the original teller in hopes of revenge. Every case gets looked at carefully and I always pull out the cards. The cards will tell you things that people won’t or cannot.

I posted a reading earlier today that I think bears some discussion and I hope, that in this post, I can be of assistance to readers in what to look for in a reading concerning domestic violence, or even spot it while reading casually for a querent.

So in this particular reading, we see the Page of Cups, or not so much, covered by the Tower. The Page of Cups tends to be a day dreamer with strong emotions. Beneath this Page of Cups is the King of Wands. When I look at this set up I see that this particular person sees himself as a King . . . a ruler of his realm and bringer of law, order and justice, but it seems that the Tower at the heart of the reading is saying that his form of ‘justice’ is devastating and out of balance with the realities of this person’s situations. It is a very strong possibility that this person has emotional and imbalances of perception and is easily angered if you question his authority. The Chariot inverted speaks that this person has already ‘ridden over’ other people for petty affronts to his authority. It also speaks of violence already committed.

The seven of discs is interesting in this position ( in a sort of morbid manner) because it reveals that this person is aware of the fragile nature of his situation. The way the discs sit on each other remind me of a teeter totter. One that could sway in either direction depending on where the weights fall on the platform. The situation has the potential to be truly unjust and tragic for the people he is threatening. This thought is backed up by the two of discs swaying in flux in the near future. All the right things must be done to make sure the survivor prevails and the abuser be held properly accountable.

I think the main advantage here in this reading is that the toxic sacred king, in this case, is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is, as indicated by the three of discs which is  mostly hidden. This card is only revealing a piercing rose thorn from the sky. The discs are hidden from both the viewer and the person. It is possible he is well thought of and generally excused from ‘occasional bad behavior’ by those who surround him. . . ” oh he had a rough childhood” . . . comes to mind. My experience with rose thorns is that they may be sharp and painful when they stick you, but they are easily plucked out. This toxic sacred king is not nearly as difficult to reveal as the covert nature of some.

Disturbingly, the inverted Druid in the relationship position speaks of a person who abuses power in relationships to gain control and self-satisfaction. His authority is the sort of false egoic kind and is easily threatened. He responds with hostility and violence when this authority is questioned even a little. This places the embattled queen in a very disturbing place. She may be in real danger of further violence resulting in very real tragedy. She is disarmed, trapped, and may even lash out at potential rescuers making the situation not only precarious, but very confusing to onlookers, Regardless of whether she stays or goes, she is in dire straits.

Yes, this was a real reading confirming a case.

Now we get to what to look for in your own work. This is a pretty darn good start:

abuse cards

These cards by themselves are not indicators of domestic violence. In cases of Domestic Violence, these cards stack upon each other pretty heavily though. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  There are also cards that tell a deeper story next to these cards. . . for example the King of Swords inverted with the three of swords near by may inflict pain and sorrow as a means of manipulation, He may even play victim. The inverted Magician abuses power to gain compliance and may even be a gas-lighter. The inverted King of Discs may be withholding resources to trap his prey for continued abuse. This may be confirmed with the possibility of  the 5 of pentacles nearby. The Inverted King of Swords with the inverted seven of  discs is a crafty and covert sort. He is dangerous. He is the sort that lies and can make people believe him. If he is near a seven of cups, he is operating from a place of fear and is also very dangerous. If you see surrounding court cards that do not represent the embattled queen,  be very aware that this person is using others to assist him in his abuse.

As a reader, there may not be a whole lot you can directly do to change the situation for the querent or the situation. You can ask gentle questions to see where the embattled party is coming from and that will give you clues to the levels of awareness and the level of support that can be offered. If you are reading to figure out the situation from a working witch level, you will have the tools and answers within the reading on what if anything should be done. If you are working on this level. . . NEVER FAIL TO READ for ugly before stirring the pot. AND NEVER GO IN ALONE. . . .

Hecate comes to mind. . .



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