Dear Professor Ford, the Owl is Calling . . .

And it rained all day. It was not a rain that poured down. It was a slow drizzle that eventually and thoroughly soaked everything. It’s sort of how I feel about all the news I have been seeing about the case being made against a certain Federal judge up for an even larger position. At first I was worried about this just being a stunt from one side to smear the other using women, once more, as pawns in a larger game. I was worried that it would compromise every woman who had ever had a man in power ( or thinks they are in power) abuse them and their claims would be summarily written off. Now that I have waited this out and have read the statements, I have a mix of nausea, disdain, and horror sitting in me. I am sure I am not alone.

Here is a woman who has held her tongue for so long trying to forget what this man did to her and is now forced to dig up that horrific moment and relive it in front of an entire nation. While this man continued on with his life pretending he did nothing wrong, she has had to struggle with the darkness and weight that comes with this kind of violation of your being.

I get why she didn’t report on a very personal level. Reporting is just as violating as the act perpetrated against you. Depending on the circumstances, you will be summarily dismissed as a vengeful liar and be called as much by the offending party who will push back with vehement claims of innocence. That is just as brutal as the act done to you. The smear campaign against you at this point is just starting. There will be retaliation that only a guilty person can punish you with. Not to mention what misguided friends and followers will take their own initiative to perpetrate. It’s not just ugly. It’s inhumane. She had plenty of reason to hesitate in reporting much less following through with stepping forward.

I, for one, support her. I’m not sure that means anything to her, but her courage means so much to me. I have been giving some thought this afternoon while watching the rain come down how best to serve her. I have thought of some pretty ugly things to do to federal judge shaped voodoo dolls, but ultimately I know those things will not serve her well. I think what she needs most is loving support that only those close to her can provide and a whole crap tons of protection. This incident has brought about some pretty volatile reactions and emotions on both side of the fence.

Mabon is literally on the cusp of happening. I think I will have to be grateful for courageous women and the women who raised them. I think I will have to be grateful for the love and support that surrounds me. I think I will have to be grateful that I have a connection to the Gods and Universe that I can beg a boon of protection from. Protection for myself, protection for my loved ones, protection for the women who have the courage and strength of heart to come forward and use their voices, protection for their loved ones.

We are all watching. Some of us may turn blue because we have forgotten to breathe. (Remind your loved ones who have looks of horror on their faces to breathe please.) We are all watching some of us hoping that vindication is on the way, if not for ourselves, but for one of us. I’m still rolling around in my head just how I want to approach the working on Professor Ford’s behalf. I have some time carved out to talk with Hekate and get a wider perspective on what actually needs to be done.

What I do know is that the smear campaign against her is just starting if my experience is any clue. Professor Ford will need an army beside her. There is an owl outside calling into the darkness as I type this. It makes me remember that they are able to see what others cannot and are silent hunters. No one saw this incident come. Maybe there is some larger hands than those of humanity behind this.

Dear Professor Ford, You do not walk alone. Your voice has been heard. Your voice will carry on the ripples on the waters surface to many shores and be picked up by other women and their loved ones to be spread.

The owl is still calling. I am getting the feeling it is time for me to go and have a conversation with the messenger’s Mistress.


No cards for Bill. . .

People are very quick to comment on events. I have had to take the time to absorb my own reactions and process them. It’s hard to see that lights are on in the middle of the day. Not enough contrast. You have to wait for dusk to sink in and show you what the bright of day has hidden from you.

Cosby has been found guilty. There have been tweets wishing him good-bye ( probably not in the kindest manner. . . and rightfully so, I guess. ) I know he was not my attacker, but there were very strong emotional responses that pulled at my own wounds. I was completely expecting to hear the verdict as not guilty. I expected him to walk with a gloating smirk on his face thinking he was still America’s favorite Dad.

I remember holding my breath as I walked into the break room where the news was breaking. I even paused to watch as they were announcing there was going to be a verdict. I had my cigarette and tried to erase faces from my mind with inane smoke pad talk. . . trust me, inane conversation littered with laughter is very therapeutic. I walked back into the break room ten minutes later to see in bold print: “Cosby guilty on three counts.” I don’t know what I expected to feel. What I did feel was an overwhelming sense of relief. Finally, a man in power has been held accountable for his disgusting behavior. Finally, someone has told this man that he doesn’t get to get away with his crimes, yes crimes, and leave a trail of trauma, injury, and insult without payment for those deeds. Yes, this is just one of them. There are many. Many of whose survivors remain silent due to fear of reprisal, insult, and potentially physical harm or death.

I can guess why society blames the survivor. It’s so much easier to think the person who is reporting a heinous deed is lying, crazy, vengeful, mentally unstable etc. rather than think that the person being reported is a monster. No one wants to think that someone the person they care about and trust is a monster hiding in human skin. No one want to think that their judgement is faulty to an extreme.

Well here’s the thing: the deception of other people is not your fault or a reflection, in any way, on you. Yes, most people who commit these sorts of crimes are counting on their public face and appearance to mislead you and to soak in their words as gospel truth. They can indeed be very manipulative as to create a narrative and privately prod their target into public behavior that seems to validate their narrative. What you don’t see is why you don’t get it and at some point society is just going to have to admit to itself that it is not all-seeing or knowing. That maybe, just maybe, there is more there than what meets the eye and that maybe, what meets the eye is all an illusion.

This is why I like the cards. They don’t lie, they don’t beat around bushes, they don’t try to pretty things up, or create ” spin.” They just paint the picture and let you decide what to do about what they say. My cards don’t let me down. I on occasion have thought I had misinterpreted the cards or thought that it couldn’t possible be as bad as all that, but that wasn’t the cards’ doing. It was mine.  So, when people tell me ‘things,’ I listen and let the cards tell me what direction the wind is blowing. I am more likely to hear the truth there than any grapevine investigation.

OK, you’re right, cards are not admissible in court. Don’t care. I don’t work with courts. Hello . . . ? Witch. As you have probably guessed. . . nope. No cards for Bill’s verdict. I sure a HEXES checked out whether he did it or not though.

I understand the reaction of Cosby’s survivors. They have been traumatized repeatedly, first by Bill and then again by public jury and law enforcement circuses, then again through the actual court process. It’s not over for them. There will always be so much more running around in their minds. That sort of thing just never completely goes away. I am glad that there is a sense of closure and vindication for them. It gives me hope that maybe there is finally a glimmering of understanding in the minds of the people who are trying such cases and maybe. . . just maybe the witches can take a break and breathe for a moment.

     I said a moment. . .



The Devil made me do it!

Morality, integrity, values. . . all of these things that should have nothing to do with any one religion. InArthurcclarkestead, these things should be marks of being a good person. The fact that you subscribe to a religion should only make you a good credit to what ever faith you embrace.

We’ve all had those sort of debates on what a good witch should look like. . . the three-fold law, the Wiccan rede, no Wiccan rede, Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law. . . etc. Personally I like the: do what is necessary. philosophy Robert Cochrane spoke of. I never knew the man, I am hoping he walked that talk, because I sure try to live that when it comes to my craft. I see the philosophy carried through in other practitioners such as Robin Artisson and Peter Grey within their bodies of writing. for example:

Be kind to the kind. Be deceitful to the deceitful. Helpful to the helpful. Wary of the stranger. Dismissive of the hateful. Patient with the dim-witted. Understanding with the grief-stricken. Hospitable to the guest and loving to your increase always be.

Robin Artisson

What can be noticed here with this quote is that there is a liminal quality to statement of philosophy. There is honesty, compassion, caution and cunning trickster traits wound up together in what is revealed to be a complex personality. We all have complex personalities, to try to whittle down our personality to a single line quotation is to limit ourselves; a thing that should be considered limitless in possibilities is bound to one single reaction to a very diverse world. Hrm. . . seems like a crazy-making policy to me.

The other thing that should be noted is that this is the philosophy of one man within a diverse spiritual construct that we label as witchcraft. It is not a thing of witchcraft. This is one man’s policy on dealing with other people he encounters in his world. The fact that other witches, including myself are finding it a wise policy and try to follow this philosophy is not a reflection on the path of spirituality we follow, but that of the individuals who embrace it. You most certainly can be a witch and not embrace this particular thought form. There are other witches who embrace the light and love and karma’s gonna vindicate you philosophy. That is a reflection of them as individuals. Not witchcraft.

We hear many times a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim etc. . . go on and on about how good they are because they are what they identify with as a religion. They even espouse the only way to be a good human being is to be what they believe. Yet, they hold up hateful picket signs, blow up abortion clinics, throw gays off of buildings, stone women for being raped, marginalize minority peoples, and turn the other cheek when they have been brutally victimized. I consider none of those things to be reflections of either a good human or peaceful religion. Somehow, they have not considered that it’s their behavior that makes for a good human and not their faith. The other thing I find rather irksome and funny at the same time is that when some of these people, who proclaim to be good humans because of their faith, get caught red-handed performing evil. They blame ( guess who) THE DEVIL. The Devil made me do it!!!!! Once again, the horned god with cloven feet is cast as a scapegoat to those who can not hold themselves accountable for their actions or even apologize for their misdeed. It appears to be an entire culture built upon blame shifting when individuals do this.

Do not become spiritually  and philosophically lazy because you embrace a faith and a members of a faith should be considered good humans because of blah blah creed. Do not use your religion to justify an action or replace logic so you do not have to explain your position on an issue. This is not how that works. You should be considered a good human being because you choose to do the right thing for the right reason. You choose to do what is right instead of what is easy. Morals and values do not come from any religion. Morals and values are decisions made by individuals based upon what they individually perceive to be the right thing for the right reason. If that makes you a trickster in some cases. . . BRAVO! But be aware, there is a difference between being a trickster and performing evil.

Am I a witch? Yes. Am I also a good human being? Well, I try really hard to be a good human being. My morals and values as an individual are reflected in my craft. They are not a product derived from witchcraft itself.