Off You Go. . .

So, you step foot out your door, let the world move you and soon you find yourself on an adventure. My Dad says they are good for your soul. . . and of course, he’s right! You find yourself out of your box trying and seeing new things and walking far more than you intended. You let go of expectation and allow the wonder to set in. It’s the wonder part that I think is the most satisfying and healing part of this thing. It’s wonder that brings magic alive and nudges the mind into new shapes. A world without wonder breaks the soul.

Magic and witchcraft requires wonder and awe to come alive. . . okay let’s be honest, some magic requires seething rage, but that’s another story. This story is about choosing love. I’m not necessarily talking about love in the partner, people sense. It’s about choosing love over fear. Choosing to allow life in through all the cracks and experience a happiness that is self-contained even if you are in the company of good traveling fellows. . . allowing Life and the Universe to put a smile on your face.

Yes. . . Bebe, it’s a choice.

For Yule, my spicy, little Niece ( ok she’s not so little anymore, but I’m oldly like and I get to call her little if I wanna) gave me a couple of beautiful gifts. The first, a pair of socks that say ” I’m a delicate fucking flower!” and the second, a gift card for a local, little bookstore that I adore on 4th Ave.

The socks were a reminder that it’s okay to be vulnerable and delicate. You don’t have to be hard or hard on yourself in order to functionally adult. There is something empowering about embracing your vulnerable and delicate parts. Life flows better if you stop grasping at it and allow it to pool in the softer parts of your psyche. It promotes unexpected growth for unexpected blossoms.

The gift card found me a book that took me back to a place I remember being in my life. It sprinkled water on the of my being that listened to my gut, trusted the sign posts put up by the Universe, and surrendered expectations to allow a thing to unfold as it was supposed to unfold. I felt like a Rose of Jericho plant awakening from a long hibernation as I reached out and began to read its back. There was this ringing gong of an: “Oh, I remember that person. I liked her.”  ( Ok, I guess I should mention its title: Outrageous Openness, by Tohsa Silver.) I read it bit by bit and smile as I have my own similar experiences that validate what she is saying in the book. . . Those experiences never stopped. I just stopped taking note of them after a certain toxic person went into full poisoner mode.

So, I stepped my foot out the door, let life move me with an excellent traveling companion and had an adventure! I met a rose-tree well over 100 years old and brought home one of her babies to put in the Garden of Odd. I stepped into a world steeped in its own legend and legendary ghosts. I visited with the dead and thanked them for the protection they provided during one of the most turbulent and dangerous periods in my life. I satisfied my craving for a bleeding chunk of steak ( Yes, it probably mooed on the way to my plate.) All of this and an affirmation from the  Universe that I was in the right place, at the right time, in the right company! And oh yes. . . I found a copper coin. . . Nope not a penny, a dollar sized copper coin. I guess penny magic will have to be resurrected.

Proof that my Dad was right about adventures and good for the soul. . .??? I went to work with a smile on my face plotting my next adventure. . . of course good company is up for the journey. So off you go now ( choose your company wisely) . . . don’t plan too much, it’s not a script. . . it’s an allowing. . . Adventure away and if you walk away with cemetery dust on your boots, that’s okay, you’re a witch and probably know just what to do with it.