Of course the witches are still here. . . there are still men of evil!

Witchcraft is the recourse of the dispossessed, the powerless , the hungry and the abused. . . It turns on a civilization that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Peter Grey: Apocalyptic Witchcraft 2013

“In those days there were on earth many rich and many poor.
The rich made slaves of all the poor.
In those days there were many slaves who were cruelly treated; in every palace tortures, in every castle prisoners.” Charles Leland: Aradia Gospel of the Witches 1899

What we have in the above is a constant in witchcraft. A thing that tells us that human nature in the course from 1899-2013, has not changed. Not one little bit. This is just a very small snap shot.

In the confessions of Isobel Gowdie, she freely confesses to killing people with “elf arrows” provided to her by the devil (hrm. . . we’ll get to this later. . . promise.) What we see in record of her confessions is someone who had a blended view of witchcraft: fairy folk magic and the kind most feared at the time, that of the devil.

What we don’t see in record is what the people she inflicted with malefic magic did against her and her own to warrant such reprisal. Most seasoned witches who can actually launch a curse I know of do not and have never launched a curse without just cause. They have far better things to spend their energy on than petty causes.

It’s not surprising, actually, to see a lack of admission of any wrong doing from the targets of her bane. What we also see in record, is that she did not only perform malefic magic, she may have had a greater practice of benevolent magic. This brings some very large question marks to the top of my head: what the hexes did these people do to earn such ire??! Some of the targets mentioned were powerful figures: a laird and a pastor come to the front of my mind. These would be people who had the authority to either mete out justice or to inflict great misery.

What I know about those who think they hold power, is they like to think they are free to do what ever they want without reprisal and that they are infallible. They will, in fact, go to great lengths to justify their behavior to themselves. If any one has the nerve to call them out on their poor show of humanity, they actively deny culpability and discredit the accuser as stark raving mad, bitter and or angry shrews  ( for no apparent reason or they didn’t get their way), gold-digging harpies, or ( my personal favorite) drug/ alcohol addled. The accused doesn’t usually stop at discrediting the accuser in these cases. The accused generally indulges in a narcissistic rage sort of mind-set and goes further in attempts to destroy and set an example for any other potential accuser.

If we observe the quotes at the beginning of this blog as being very similar, it’s because we have not changed very much in about 200 years. From here, we can also extrapolate the behavior we are seeing in current affairs involving what Time is calling the Silence Breakers, is not new. In fact, it most likely is a reflection of what carried true in Isobel’s day when she shot her first arrow. It may have been even worse in those times as there were even fewer checks and balances.

We have heard almost every single one of the accused deny allegations. Some have apologized for their poor behavior, but I am more prone to suspect they are sorry they got called out than anything else. For me, the most alarming part of this whole phenomenon is the span of time this behavior reigned without any real consequences for the offending parties until recently.

It’s offensive that for so long so many people knew these things were going on and covered it up and assisted in the destruction of other people’s lives and livelihoods to cover up these crimes. It’s offensive that law enforcement turns a blind eye or worse, blames the survivor. The fault here lies in many places: the judges in the court, the lawyers who benefit monetarily for defending ( and excusing) said behavior, the investigating police officers, peers and associates of the perpetrator and most certainly and most centrally the fault goes on the perpetrator.

Even in the recent past we have seen those with financial and social power put on trial and be freed from real consequence for their criminal behavior. To name a few: OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby ( okay he has another trial coming), Brock Turner ( who is appealing his conviction because he couldn’t have associates testify how he was great of academic and athletic prowess). . . I am sure there are many more who do not come to the forefront of my mind.

It is no wonder in all this time, from Isobel to the Silence Breakers, that witches still roam the earth? NOPE. Not at all, it’s just as Diana spoke to Aradia: “For I have come to sweep away the bad, the men of evil, all will I destroy!” Aradia then spoke to her students about her teachings: ” This shall last until the last of your oppressors are dead.” Yes, harsh, but seeing the inadequacies of our society to properly handle these powerful perpetrators of abuse, I can see the reasoning behind those words spoken in a society so far removed in time from ours. Seeing as how the powerful are still abusing everyone around them with very little recourse for their prey, it’s no surprise at all that we, the witches, are still around. I don’t think we are going anywhere, or that our philosophy will change much.

If in fact, you are in league with the King and Queen of Elphame, much like Isobel Gowdie was, you may have been handed arrows by the King. I doubt very much that the devil ( a thing of Christian belief) is handing out fairy tools. If that is the case, you were assigned a task and expected to fulfill it. ( I know you are out there.) And when the powerful show to be above the law, let fly those arrows upon the abusers and upon all who enabled their reign of abuse. ( Horse and hattock . . . get on it!) I am starting to see Isobel Gowdie’s uncoerced confessions as more of an explanation of consequences for the abuses she and hers suffered than a confession at all.

I leave all those people who abuse their power and the people who enable them with the words of Mercutio: A plague o’ both your houses! “

The forbidding. . .

The coyotes had a howl sometime about 1am, The whole household and neighborhood was disturbed by it.

Lights flicked on, dogs barked and howled, cats zoomed around the floor at turbo speeds. So, of course I had to go outside to feel the situation out. There was owl somewhere hooting and there were small rustlings of smaller things scurrying around, possibly for cover. The whole night was lit up with tension. It wasn’t because the coyotes were howling, they make noise every once in a while, this was a howl that sounded more like they had been disturbed by something, not their usual hunting calls.

It felt like omens were being given and not the welcome ones. I sat there for a moment and flicked out my cigarette as a thing crossed my mind. I felt I should pay it heed. Facing the direction the omens heralded, I cast out the forbidding. What ever it was came creeping on the heels of the Las Vegas horror show and I was, in that moment, done with the whole tragic mess. I have no more need for horrific messes and I think neither does anyone else.

Wait. . . back up whaaaa???? Forbidding??? What the hexes are you talking about?! Ok, backing up. . . forbidding. Just because an omen is presented. . . does not mean we have to be contented to just accept it. Nope. Face the direction of the omen without any fear, just firm resolve to turn it from your life. Slash your power hand down thrice as though cutting unwanted cords and state something to the effect ” I do not accept this, you will pass me over and mine as well.”  Then fill that void with a better ending such as: ” me and mine will be left in peace.” With the power hand trace three circles through the air over the earth palm down as if to stir up its power.

I’m not sure what made me remember that tool in my witch box, it’s not one I keep close to the surface. It may be a direct result of seeing Hekate standing half shadowed in the corners of my meditation space as I close my eyes down. Coyotes may not be howling dogs exactly, but all the dogs that could howl, howled right after them. . . and then the owl thing. I can’t think of any other Goddess I speak with speaking this way. I haven’t gone in to find out what all of that is about yet, but it’s got a box to check off on my to do list. She may have a greater explanation of the coming situation and how to stay out of its path. We shall see how this thing unfolds. It seems Samhain season has been shaken wide open and comes at us with heavy hooves.

The Prickings of Red and White String

brigid_2It’s about this time of year that I start wondering how Brigit snuck up on me. . . again. I don’t know why it does. I have been wearing a daily reminder since Yule on my wrist and seeing it on the wrists of some of my closest every day. That red and white string tied up with wishes for the first sign of spring waiting for the moment my eyes spot spring for the first time. In the back of my mind, I keep debating which tree will hold my spring wishes still. I guess it will be a thing I will know when I see it.

I think the cold keeps my thoughts moved toward the Auld Woman. I don’t begrudge Her her blanket of cold, it’s her thing. I’m just very vocal about my not liking being cold. I prefer to be flash frozen so I can’t feel it. I’m not sure I look forward to thawing, often times thawing is like the pin prick sensation you get when your foot has fallen asleep and blood begins to flow back in. You know its a good and healthy sign that vitality is returning ( I think I heard you cringe,) but the discomfort of the moment drives you to places you don’t really want to exist. Brigit is like that for me.

Brigit forces me to look at things in my life and ask: what do I need? It takes me to a time when my needs could not be filled, so I stopped asking. I suppose I forgot how to answer the question. What do I need? What do I want? What will make me thrive and grow?

universeMy sister visited over the Yule holiday season. I think me being satisfied with just being and breathing because I have to seriously annoys her. I think she remembers a person I don’t. I think she’s getting ready to send in the Marines and dig through the rubble to find her. Not a chore I want her to embark upon (she’ll not be nice ) so I had better let some of that permafrost sit in the sunshine for a while and endure the pin pricks of waking up from under the comfort of the Auld Woman’s cloak. My sister left one more gift for me after everything was unwrapped and doted over. I had come home from work with my mom was trying to hand me money. I rolled my eyes and declined. . . there is no way in the world I am taking money from my mom, no way in Hades was that going to happen. I was even more determined when she announced it was from my sister. My mom was having none of it and told me it wasn’t money, but a message. I looked closer, she was right. At first, I think I was rankled because of a hard conversation my sister and I had and annoyed she would sacrifice money to deliver this message. *pin pricks*

I have no idea how to be okay letting the permafrost slide into the warmth of light. I never feel okay with the prickings of waking and crawling out from the covers. I can hear my Mom say: baby steps. I think the first thing to do is to start breaking the silence with music. It’s been gone too long. Who knows, maybe I’ll accidentally dance.


In the mean time, I know the rites by heart. Maybe the things I should be waking up this spring will finally answer the questions I have been dancing away from: what do I want? what do I need? I think I need to borrow Brigid’s fire. My little string of red and white still waits for a tree.martinitsi

Blessings of fire and light to you and yours this Brigit, most of you will call it Candlemas or Imbolc, but I am Feri. I can hear the Descent of Brigit roll through my mind and the striking of fire. . . I wonder when I’ll catch.