Demon Resumes

I am patiently waiting for new moon to trim up my hair. . . my poor split ends have split ends, but I hold out because I am a superstitious sort of woman. I believe that turning your shirt inside out and backward will thwart pursuing, unwanted fae company, throwing spilled salt over your left shoulder will avert bad luck, knocking on wood will keep unwanted ears from interfering with your plans or good luck, and especially in the demon under the bed who will grab your dangling foot and drag you under when it creeps out over the edge . . . EEEEeeek!

I also believe the gods and spirits talk to each other about the things you tell them about your life. They all have relationships with each other and are bound to gab at some point or another. Depending on their relationship with you and each other this can either be very, very good. . . or very, very bad. The thing that brought this close to the forefront of my mind was watching Thor: Ragnarök ( we are not doing get help again. . . . insert flying Loki here.)

I live far from the sea, but it does not stop a spirit whose home is there from dropping in and saying hi. He has shown up several times and considering the method he has chosen to show himself, I would think that when I go looking out for him I should see him easily. Well that’s a big nope. I, at one point in time, kept an eye out for him because I had not heard from him in a while and began to worry . . . yes, I’m one of those. There was literally not a peep from him , not a sign, truck or freight container anywhere to be seen with his picture on it. . . not even a damned seahorse ANYWHERE! Big, fat nope is all I got.

I have been having a certain goetic spirit tapping on my door calling me to go play/ work with him. Actually a couple. After a few weeks of looking them in the eye, and hard at that, I get a visit from none other that my sea spirit friend on the high way. Driving nicely even, escorting me all the way to the exit ramp to my Dr’s office. ( No worries just a check up, promise.)

We all know the reputation of working with those beings, but I suspect something else. . . even the archangels in Solomon’s day were called demon. I’m still digging around for information on the spirit I agreed to start with, but it was pretty amazing when I had a weird panic attack with no discernible source happen I felt pulled to draw on myself with his sigil. . . it wasn’t an immediate effect, but it was steady and lasting. After the sigil went on and after it faded, I saw my familiar sea friend. . . if walking in the right direction is marked with synchronicity, it also makes me wonder what are these beings talking about and why are they in cahoots. . . and yes, I think they are in cahoots.

So, off I go to check out some ” demons” resumes so to speak. I got a job for y’all. . .


Of course the witches are still here. . . there are still men of evil!

Witchcraft is the recourse of the dispossessed, the powerless , the hungry and the abused. . . It turns on a civilization that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Peter Grey: Apocalyptic Witchcraft 2013

“In those days there were on earth many rich and many poor.
The rich made slaves of all the poor.
In those days there were many slaves who were cruelly treated; in every palace tortures, in every castle prisoners.” Charles Leland: Aradia Gospel of the Witches 1899

What we have in the above is a constant in witchcraft. A thing that tells us that human nature in the course from 1899-2013, has not changed. Not one little bit. This is just a very small snap shot.

In the confessions of Isobel Gowdie, she freely confesses to killing people with “elf arrows” provided to her by the devil (hrm. . . we’ll get to this later. . . promise.) What we see in record of her confessions is someone who had a blended view of witchcraft: fairy folk magic and the kind most feared at the time, that of the devil.

What we don’t see in record is what the people she inflicted with malefic magic did against her and her own to warrant such reprisal. Most seasoned witches who can actually launch a curse I know of do not and have never launched a curse without just cause. They have far better things to spend their energy on than petty causes.

It’s not surprising, actually, to see a lack of admission of any wrong doing from the targets of her bane. What we also see in record, is that she did not only perform malefic magic, she may have had a greater practice of benevolent magic. This brings some very large question marks to the top of my head: what the hexes did these people do to earn such ire??! Some of the targets mentioned were powerful figures: a laird and a pastor come to the front of my mind. These would be people who had the authority to either mete out justice or to inflict great misery.

What I know about those who think they hold power, is they like to think they are free to do what ever they want without reprisal and that they are infallible. They will, in fact, go to great lengths to justify their behavior to themselves. If any one has the nerve to call them out on their poor show of humanity, they actively deny culpability and discredit the accuser as stark raving mad, bitter and or angry shrews  ( for no apparent reason or they didn’t get their way), gold-digging harpies, or ( my personal favorite) drug/ alcohol addled. The accused doesn’t usually stop at discrediting the accuser in these cases. The accused generally indulges in a narcissistic rage sort of mind-set and goes further in attempts to destroy and set an example for any other potential accuser.

If we observe the quotes at the beginning of this blog as being very similar, it’s because we have not changed very much in about 200 years. From here, we can also extrapolate the behavior we are seeing in current affairs involving what Time is calling the Silence Breakers, is not new. In fact, it most likely is a reflection of what carried true in Isobel’s day when she shot her first arrow. It may have been even worse in those times as there were even fewer checks and balances.

We have heard almost every single one of the accused deny allegations. Some have apologized for their poor behavior, but I am more prone to suspect they are sorry they got called out than anything else. For me, the most alarming part of this whole phenomenon is the span of time this behavior reigned without any real consequences for the offending parties until recently.

It’s offensive that for so long so many people knew these things were going on and covered it up and assisted in the destruction of other people’s lives and livelihoods to cover up these crimes. It’s offensive that law enforcement turns a blind eye or worse, blames the survivor. The fault here lies in many places: the judges in the court, the lawyers who benefit monetarily for defending ( and excusing) said behavior, the investigating police officers, peers and associates of the perpetrator and most certainly and most centrally the fault goes on the perpetrator.

Even in the recent past we have seen those with financial and social power put on trial and be freed from real consequence for their criminal behavior. To name a few: OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby ( okay he has another trial coming), Brock Turner ( who is appealing his conviction because he couldn’t have associates testify how he was great of academic and athletic prowess). . . I am sure there are many more who do not come to the forefront of my mind.

It is no wonder in all this time, from Isobel to the Silence Breakers, that witches still roam the earth? NOPE. Not at all, it’s just as Diana spoke to Aradia: “For I have come to sweep away the bad, the men of evil, all will I destroy!” Aradia then spoke to her students about her teachings: ” This shall last until the last of your oppressors are dead.” Yes, harsh, but seeing the inadequacies of our society to properly handle these powerful perpetrators of abuse, I can see the reasoning behind those words spoken in a society so far removed in time from ours. Seeing as how the powerful are still abusing everyone around them with very little recourse for their prey, it’s no surprise at all that we, the witches, are still around. I don’t think we are going anywhere, or that our philosophy will change much.

If in fact, you are in league with the King and Queen of Elphame, much like Isobel Gowdie was, you may have been handed arrows by the King. I doubt very much that the devil ( a thing of Christian belief) is handing out fairy tools. If that is the case, you were assigned a task and expected to fulfill it. ( I know you are out there.) And when the powerful show to be above the law, let fly those arrows upon the abusers and upon all who enabled their reign of abuse. ( Horse and hattock . . . get on it!) I am starting to see Isobel Gowdie’s uncoerced confessions as more of an explanation of consequences for the abuses she and hers suffered than a confession at all.

I leave all those people who abuse their power and the people who enable them with the words of Mercutio: A plague o’ both your houses! “

The forbidding. . .

The coyotes had a howl sometime about 1am, The whole household and neighborhood was disturbed by it.

Lights flicked on, dogs barked and howled, cats zoomed around the floor at turbo speeds. So, of course I had to go outside to feel the situation out. There was owl somewhere hooting and there were small rustlings of smaller things scurrying around, possibly for cover. The whole night was lit up with tension. It wasn’t because the coyotes were howling, they make noise every once in a while, this was a howl that sounded more like they had been disturbed by something, not their usual hunting calls.

It felt like omens were being given and not the welcome ones. I sat there for a moment and flicked out my cigarette as a thing crossed my mind. I felt I should pay it heed. Facing the direction the omens heralded, I cast out the forbidding. What ever it was came creeping on the heels of the Las Vegas horror show and I was, in that moment, done with the whole tragic mess. I have no more need for horrific messes and I think neither does anyone else.

Wait. . . back up whaaaa???? Forbidding??? What the hexes are you talking about?! Ok, backing up. . . forbidding. Just because an omen is presented. . . does not mean we have to be contented to just accept it. Nope. Face the direction of the omen without any fear, just firm resolve to turn it from your life. Slash your power hand down thrice as though cutting unwanted cords and state something to the effect ” I do not accept this, you will pass me over and mine as well.”  Then fill that void with a better ending such as: ” me and mine will be left in peace.” With the power hand trace three circles through the air over the earth palm down as if to stir up its power.

I’m not sure what made me remember that tool in my witch box, it’s not one I keep close to the surface. It may be a direct result of seeing Hekate standing half shadowed in the corners of my meditation space as I close my eyes down. Coyotes may not be howling dogs exactly, but all the dogs that could howl, howled right after them. . . and then the owl thing. I can’t think of any other Goddess I speak with speaking this way. I haven’t gone in to find out what all of that is about yet, but it’s got a box to check off on my to do list. She may have a greater explanation of the coming situation and how to stay out of its path. We shall see how this thing unfolds. It seems Samhain season has been shaken wide open and comes at us with heavy hooves.


Everything shifts. Time is literally marked by changes. Equinoxes talk about a balance between darkness and light measured in our skies as the sun travels across our sky, or more accurately as our planet turns in the outer dark. . .  a turn. . . a tilt. . . Everything changes. Shadows grow longer earlier giving us a look at the darkness we carry within if we choose to see.

These darknesses we carry block us in subtle ways that affect our lives profoundly. Often times we move through our own lives without taking the time to examine these things, ignored aspects of our personality that grow within these darknesses until they leap out and surprise us. If we take the time to look at these things for what they are honestly we can learn from these little shadows. I have never been fond of surprises. It may explain my attachment to tarot and cartomancy. I like to keep the little shadows I find while throwing cards fat and happy on tea and cookies while they reveal their secret lives to me.

Mabon is traditionally about celebrating and giving thanks for the things we have harvested in the last year. While yes, giving thanks for the providence provided through the graces of Gods, spirit friends, and your own hard work and will is important to acknowledge, it is equally important to examine what is before you and within you and release the chaff so you have a place to properly store and care for the harvest that you have reaped.

Looking into your own darkened corners is never a fun experience. It requires you to ” adult” *gasp* and accept your part in how those creatures within that darkness came to be. Yes, there are people out there who are perpetual five year olds with no sense responsibility for their actions or the harm their actions cause. However, it at that point in time becomes your responsibility to leave them in their own thorny bed to clean up after themselves. It becomes your responsibility to care enough for yourself to defend yourself and those whom you love. It becomes your responsibility to create a space for you to heal. It becomes your responsibility to understand that you may not have been the problem, you may not be the one who is broken, but you need to make sure that the frequency instilled in you is removed so it cannot perpetuate. It becomes your responsibility to extend to yourself the same kindness and compassion you lay before others.

All of these “adulting” moments can only be brought to you by silence and introspection. An equinox is a great reminder to look at both the light cast upon you and the shadow you cast. I had plans on how I expected my Mabon rite to go. As I said earlier, things shift. I did indeed find chaff to release, instead of marking my harvest as I had planned. I went into Faery expecting to cite these things I was grateful for and instead, came out with another piece of bounty. . . a stone named Choose Love.

I hope that your equinox has been good to you. I hope that there was much to celebrate. Light a candle and allow others to light candles from yours. I promise you, it will not dim your own shine. I promise you, you will not regret it. And, oh yes, if someone tries to put out your candle while lighting from you, it is your responsibility to stop them and curse the holy living f*ck out of them. You may want to give your pieces of darkness a cup of tea and a cookie ,* okay five*, to find the best way to curse them while you are at it. Cards help too.



From across the river. . .

It feels so far away, but it really is not too long ago, when I began to piece things together that lead me to believe that you need to be just as careful with your blessings as you are with your curses. I don’t know how or why I was reminded of this lesson, but for one reason or another I feel it at least an interesting one to present. The other lesson that goes hand in hand with this one is that if your gut is telling you something, you should listen. If it feels wrong, it probably is. You may not be able to out right prove it, but that does not mean you are wrong.

One of the instances that illustrates this thought: I made a yule deer blessing for my ex’s “friend” who by his words had problematic relationships with other women (his word, and supposedly hers as well.) I decided maybe she could benefit with a show of generosity and kindness with a blessing placed into a reindeer. After all, reindeer embody the spirit of nourishment and steadfastness. The reindeer herders use their milk for sustenance, their antlers for tools, they are befriended and ridden, and their strength borrowed to move about the land. After I gave it to her, things started to go awry for her and everyone around her. Things spiraled into a very ugly situation. ( I am being extremely generous here.) I later found out exactly what she had done, the kind of person she was, and exactly her intent toward me. I began to realize the bit of blessing magic I gave her had turned into something of a nasty curse and she destroyed everything in her path.

I had made plenty of other blessing objects that did just that for other people, but there was a select few for whom the magic skipped sideways and became straight up hexes. I didn’t get it, at first, and decided maybe I had done something wrong. Turns out that those people who were gifted blessings and had them not go as intended, were all people who did not have my best interest at heart, in fact, a couple of them had very dark intentions designed for me and wished me ill. A person within my tradition I had befriended had even warned me before this happened that I had hidden enemies. Granted, they had help coming to those thoughts and designs by specific persons, but it does not relieve them from their own choices and actions.

Remember, magic is neither good nor evil. . . it is, and if the wrong hands touch it, it is easily corrupted. Fairy tales illustrated this all the time with a magic object that can mean happily ever after or infinite sadness and certain doom. In Vasilissa the Brave the blessing of a fire for her Stepmother’s hearth given her by Baba Yaga, turns into an all-consuming  fire that destroys the hearth, her Stepmother, and vile step sisters.

Vasilissa went out of a sense of duty and responsibility to fetch that fire. She did all bade her by Baba Yaga and won the fire to warm hearth and home. Vasilissa did not intend to set flame to all in her path when she came home that day. Most of us feel no pity for the ones who were engulfed, but to be sure it is not a thing that most would deliberately set upon another. Even if those engulfed people are cruel and conniving.

If, by chance, it is your intent to ignore your gut when it tells you that a person is about to receive a blessing object from you and it may set fire to their world, you may want to pause and remember that flames like that can spread out of hand and set fire to things that are precious to you. Or at the very least, set clear protections around yourself and what you hold dear.  And with those thoughts in mind, it could also be an excellent means of revealing hidden enemies. Just be certain to watch the flames from across the river. A very wide one.

Witnesses sacred and profane


I find it interesting the when people volunteer themselves to witness the strangenesses of the occult and those who are skilled in such matters, some react with a terror so palpable that the ravens can smell them miles away. We see this reaction clearly in season one of Penny Dreadful when Vanessa usurps madame Kali’s position at the table by accident and is fully possessed and taken by the spirits. We are seeing it burn through Twitter and other social media sites with the Charlie, Charlie challenge and the reactions to that. Fortunately, there are also those whose wonder and curiousity for the strangeness of this world embrace the experience and the people involved joyously.

The simple truth is this, the occult is strange. It is not meant for the masses or the faint of heart. It is both darkness and light and everything in between. It’s usually the everything in between that gets forgotten, especially when secrets that can only be known by the spirits themselves are brought forth and given breath. Maybe that is what is feared at the spirit table: the revelation of secrets buried. Secrets that could rip a person open and lay them out for the carrion feeders of society.

Another truth is this, while practices of the occult do indeed engage in sacred possession: ie. Voudon, Santeria, Feri, certain sects of Heathenry. . . the act of sacred possession is also engaged in Christianity. The “Holy Rollers” would roll down the aisles of the church and speak in tongues as they were possessed by the Holy Spirit. It was practiced and celebrated as a communion with their divine being. Yet, the belief in most other Christian sects only speak in low whispers or panicked hysteria of demonic possession without any acknowledgement that divine possession is even possible. They are so gripped with fear about evil coming into them that they become the evil they fear. This is evident when you Google Christianity+ sacred+ possession that only demonic possession appears and sacred in a whole new category.

So what is it really that causes this reaction? Is it possibly over 2000 years of brainwashing by several dogmatic systems deadlocked in a power struggle for domination? Is it the surface skimming fast paced society we have become where nothing with depth and substance gets a second, third or fourth look, especially if it lingers within? Is it fear of having to face our own issues and having to present a perfect face or we get torn to bloody shreds by our brethren for not being perfect? (please do not mistake a real crime for an error, mistake, misjudgment, etc as included in the not being perfect arena) Is it the cognitive dissonance created when some are confronted with the reality that things are not as they were taught to us in grammar school and church??? What is it?

I think it is simple. These volunteers, these witnesses of the strange and profound are suddenly confronted with an experience that pulls them so far out of their set of teaching and understandings of “how things are” that it is traumatic for them. The spirit speaking may or may not be evil, but the fear experienced by the witnessed is imprinted upon them so deeply that evil and vile are the only words that fit the violent emotions evoked from them. They went in expecting a bit of fun at the hands of a charlatan and came out with a real experience that left their beliefs in tatters and they resent it terribly.

I find it interesting, the hypocrisy, that while demonic possession is so widely touted in the orthodox religious traditions, possession of the sacred and divine is excluded, ignored and even ridiculed as a sham. If demonic possession is so real to them, why is not the sacred? These things make me come to the understanding that these are not religions of life and birth, but shame, fear, and walking death. I think when we are looking at a table full of people about to touch the occult veil, we should remember that we will be seeing witnesses both sacred and profane and steel ourselves for potential lash-back.

The Devil made me do it!

Morality, integrity, values. . . all of these things that should have nothing to do with any one religion. InArthurcclarkestead, these things should be marks of being a good person. The fact that you subscribe to a religion should only make you a good credit to what ever faith you embrace.

We’ve all had those sort of debates on what a good witch should look like. . . the three-fold law, the Wiccan rede, no Wiccan rede, Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law. . . etc. Personally I like the: do what is necessary. philosophy Robert Cochrane spoke of. I never knew the man, I am hoping he walked that talk, because I sure try to live that when it comes to my craft. I see the philosophy carried through in other practitioners such as Robin Artisson and Peter Grey within their bodies of writing. for example:

Be kind to the kind. Be deceitful to the deceitful. Helpful to the helpful. Wary of the stranger. Dismissive of the hateful. Patient with the dim-witted. Understanding with the grief-stricken. Hospitable to the guest and loving to your increase always be.

Robin Artisson

What can be noticed here with this quote is that there is a liminal quality to statement of philosophy. There is honesty, compassion, caution and cunning trickster traits wound up together in what is revealed to be a complex personality. We all have complex personalities, to try to whittle down our personality to a single line quotation is to limit ourselves; a thing that should be considered limitless in possibilities is bound to one single reaction to a very diverse world. Hrm. . . seems like a crazy-making policy to me.

The other thing that should be noted is that this is the philosophy of one man within a diverse spiritual construct that we label as witchcraft. It is not a thing of witchcraft. This is one man’s policy on dealing with other people he encounters in his world. The fact that other witches, including myself are finding it a wise policy and try to follow this philosophy is not a reflection on the path of spirituality we follow, but that of the individuals who embrace it. You most certainly can be a witch and not embrace this particular thought form. There are other witches who embrace the light and love and karma’s gonna vindicate you philosophy. That is a reflection of them as individuals. Not witchcraft.

We hear many times a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim etc. . . go on and on about how good they are because they are what they identify with as a religion. They even espouse the only way to be a good human being is to be what they believe. Yet, they hold up hateful picket signs, blow up abortion clinics, throw gays off of buildings, stone women for being raped, marginalize minority peoples, and turn the other cheek when they have been brutally victimized. I consider none of those things to be reflections of either a good human or peaceful religion. Somehow, they have not considered that it’s their behavior that makes for a good human and not their faith. The other thing I find rather irksome and funny at the same time is that when some of these people, who proclaim to be good humans because of their faith, get caught red-handed performing evil. They blame ( guess who) THE DEVIL. The Devil made me do it!!!!! Once again, the horned god with cloven feet is cast as a scapegoat to those who can not hold themselves accountable for their actions or even apologize for their misdeed. It appears to be an entire culture built upon blame shifting when individuals do this.

Do not become spiritually  and philosophically lazy because you embrace a faith and a members of a faith should be considered good humans because of blah blah creed. Do not use your religion to justify an action or replace logic so you do not have to explain your position on an issue. This is not how that works. You should be considered a good human being because you choose to do the right thing for the right reason. You choose to do what is right instead of what is easy. Morals and values do not come from any religion. Morals and values are decisions made by individuals based upon what they individually perceive to be the right thing for the right reason. If that makes you a trickster in some cases. . . BRAVO! But be aware, there is a difference between being a trickster and performing evil.

Am I a witch? Yes. Am I also a good human being? Well, I try really hard to be a good human being. My morals and values as an individual are reflected in my craft. They are not a product derived from witchcraft itself.

Witch drums, hunts and masks

I curled up on the couch last night with a deck of cards, an afghan, and Salem ( yes, the witch drums were indeed going.) The door bell rang and often times I was greeted by fresh little faces who had no idea the proper etiquette to soul beg for candy while leading a parade of ancestors and spirits. It was like saying “trick or treat” had not only lots it’s meaning ( give me a treat or I’ll set my ancestors to mischief on you) but no even a  necessary Halloween salutation when the home owner answers the door with a bowl of candy to appease the little gremlins dragging souls behind them so their lives do not face the fury of trouble making spirits. Must be commercialism again. I braced myself for this to be a long, dragged out, interrupted reading between door bells ( and it was) and made sure that my ancestor altar had enough. Yes, ‘may you have enough’ is a great blessing to give and receive. I don’t care what it is, having enough of it is always a boon.

When I had drawn out and examined the last cards of the spread, there was this understanding that was dawning. It was even echoed in the material I was absorbing passively while I was doing the reading through the television show. The ‘witch hunt’ is not over. It’s not even really a witch hunt. It is a blatant recasting of blame upon some other sect of society that is less popular or disadvantaged for the imaginary ‘sins’ of non conformism or even just having the audacity to speak the truth and do the right thing for the right reason. Welcome to America.

Witches, we are hated and feared and made larger and scarier than life to make us VERY frightening and make the point even sharper, the penalty for being a witch is DEATH. I watch Rebecca Nurse swing, a midwife who dedicated her life bringing, nurturing and guarding life in this place be accused of evils exactly opposite her actions, be convicted on fear based lies and hearsay and then swing from the gallows. The woman was not even a witch, she practiced no magic, she bent no element of this world to her will, she called upon no other world being to her aide such as the likes of Isobel Gowdie did,  and yet, that is what they called her: witch.

These days, the death we are visited by is not the gallows. It is social black mail, a thing hidden behind other invalid excuses but it really boils down to one thing: we are different and we refuse to conform to the narrow minded beliefs espoused by the bigots perpetrating their abuse. They never make it about religion on the surface. In fact, they will carefully and righteously say ” I don’t have a problem with other religions, but. . .” ( You can see the lie clearly with the word ‘but’ inserted directly after said assertion of non issue-ness ) and realistically it’s not even about the other person’s religion. It is all about  the fear of the person speaking. The fear of what they do not  understand and make no attempt to understand because, by their own doctrine, attempting to understand necessarily makes them sinners. *face palm*

Here are some words from Peter Grey’s Apocalyptic Witchcraft on the witch hunt subject that have given me new circles to think in on this subject:

What is abundantly clear is that witch hunts did not begin with witches, and are thus not avoided by making ourselves harmless or integrating and ingratiating ourselves with the corrupt systems of governance. The Templars, though haughty and high handed, were hardly an outsider organisation. The accusations are always the same, what counts is how we respond to them, what truths they conceal and can be made to reveal to us. Simply acting out the parody role our enemies have scripted out for us is not a solution. We need greater finesse. Yet when our enemy describes their fear to us with such eloquence, they reveal their weakness which we would be foolish not to exploit. It is a game of masks, and ours is heavy with horns that ground us down through our thighs, as we rise from the heart of the earth through the balls of out feet.

This was a thing I found last night. I literally picked up a book, flipped through pages with my thumb and opened the book reading the first thing my eyes fell upon.

The doorbell finally stopped and the witches on the screen kept going and the candle burned steady and true. When the last witch on the screen spoke her final word of the evening, my star candle came out and all lights went out. The Star candle was lit from the ancestor candle and was carried through the home while calling upon Hekate, the torch bearer, the shackle breaker crowned with light, to make all that was here holy and sacred in Her name. I spread out the Death Kings on the floor and called for their clarity before sleep. I actually slept all night, a rare occasion. Tonight, the Feri gods are called and the Western Gate opened. . . Samhain is a season with Halloween only a day in it’s passage.  I am still thinking how best to harness and wear this mask, but it is clear that the Imp in Game of Thrones is correct:

Never forget what you are. No one else will. Wear it like armor and no one can hurt you with it.

The Death Kings

This is war. The gods await judgement. Cuffed and kneecapped. Cowed. Sliver cradles killer star. New moon blood. Washed from cut. Falls on earth as rain. ~Peter Grey~

Samhain has come with it’s somber cloven hooves taking three into the other world to prepare them for becoming Mighty Dead and mighty they will be: Nick, Peter, DRGN. The star candle is set in it’s holder awaiting a new year’s flame, the offering liquor is yet to be set to steeping, but that will happen come hell or high water, maybe both. Many things have been removed from my plate, making room for better things to come. . . there is a space held in reserve though, an untouchable space set for one unnamed thing and one unnamed thing only. I look at the skull set on my ancestor altar know one day the death gods will swallow me too, but not before my ordained time and it seems they have one. In the mean time, that one unnamed thing takes its place.

There has been much talk in certain circles about the timidity that has become witchcraft, begging for scraps at the King’s table just to be accepted into the whole of ‘acceptable society.’ What if acceptable society is something that is actually found to be truly repulsive by the standards of the right thing for the right reason? Even J.K. Rowling’s beloved character Professor Dumbledore had a few words on the subject that resonate across the generations: “there will come a time when we are going to be asked to choose between what is right and what is easy.”

It is easy to sit back and accept the poison vial to your lips as served by others. It is easy to seal those lips and not speak of the poison tasted to give warning. It is easy to do as one is told instead of acting upon one’s gut instinct about what is correct. It is easy to accept the bit and bridle and become tame for adoration and scraps. All of these things are easy and, in my observation, not worth a seat at the ‘proper’ table. What is not easy is the fight to reintroduce wolves back into the dynamic of nature, but it is the correct thing to do.The fight is still young and being decried as a mistake in certain spoiled corners. However, what we are seeing as a result of the reintroduction of a predator that keeps certain wild populations in check is this: the reshaping of rivers and the reintroduction of other natural clans in the wild: beaver people, skunk people, duck people, bird people, the fox people the and, yes with the wolf people come, the raven people too. The deer people have eaten away the land too far and the wolves must re-manage the herds and land.

Witches are wolves. We were never meant to be anything else. We dance in our own circles, we celebrate our own moons, hunt our own prey, see that which others wish to remain desperately blind, and we know one mighty thing: we have power and it is frightening. Power should be frightening, not just to those around us, but to the individual that wields it. It’s one of those fears mastered over a course of time fully knowing it is a razor’s edge, as sharp as my knife: I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. . .

Samhain comes on cloven hooves and I obediently follow the Master’s chill to talk to the Death Kings about witches and wolves.